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    A question about power

    Can my Kyocera 7135 handle modifed sine wave power??? Can I hit my phone with an inverter??? I'm thinking of getting a XPower Powerpack 400 Plus w/ solar panel, and I'm wondering if I can power my phone with it.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Dude, if I were to try something like that, I would buy a POS 7135 mule to experiment with first. The 7135 is EXTREMELY finicky about its power diet. The standard 3.6V chargers that work with 99% of all Kyocera phones, as well as Samsung, LG & Audiovox 8XXX model phones make most 7135s do wierd things. They sip juice that is highly regulated and most DC converters have fluxuations that the 7135 can't handle. Most likely your proposed solar setup would be similar.
    Another thing: just because a spare 7135 mule accepts your power source doesn't mean that your beloved will. I had my CDMA board replaced recently and the old board would accept some of the DC converters besides the one made specifically for the 7135, but the new board will only drink from 7135-specific converters.

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