This is the place for you to post ads about products that are for sale if you are a dealer, manufacturer, developer, website, or any other commercial organization. If you are an individual selling your stuff that you no longer need, use the Garage Sale forum.

For now, this will be a free forum with the following rules:
  • One post per month, per user
  • One topic per post (no listing a complete catalog of items)
  • Product should be related to pdaPhones
This forum is the ONLY place at pdaPhoneHome that posts should be made which are advertising an item for sale, or referencing a commercial site, except for the following...
  • Posts related to our store - Store
  • Official Support forums - if you would like to add an official support forum at pdaPhoneHome, then you may post information about your products in that forum whenever you wish. Please contact the site administrator if you are interested in this.
  • Answering questions - if you are active in the forum discussions, you may recommend a product in answer to someone's question.