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  1. Hi, Mike

    Now that I'm 67 and retired, I've taken to visit a cooking software forum, The Radium forum is having a terrible time with SPAM (they're using vBulletin v4.2). In the years I spent at pdaPhoneHome, I don't remember your site ever having that much trouble with SPAM. I was wondering if there is a vBulletin software forum or perhaps even a moderator of the that these folks could turn to to get some pointers on what they could be doing better to kill spammers. They don't seem to want to allow folks outside of their company to serve as forum moderators to zap spammers in the bud any time day or night.

    Sorry if my request is asking a bit much but I've always remembered you as an especially nice guy who started a great forum. Thanks for any recommendations on starting points for these folks to up their game.

    Jim Lewis
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