Hello, I recently picked up a cheap Smartphone. Keen to start surfing the web one small page at a time, I added GPRS to my mobile plan. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the greater web was just so much ‘dog food’ as far as mobile browsing went: you could eat it if you were hungry enough, but it wasn’t really what you’d call fit for human consumption.

Hoping to redress the balance in a small way, I’ve put together a slimmed down, XHTML version of the Wikipedia. This was originally going to be a private get-to-know-XHTML event, but I’m so pleased with the results that I thought I’d make it a public resource. If you’ve got your phone with you (or a hankering to see a really minimalist version of the Wikipedia on your regular browser), I’d appreciate it if you could spend a moment or two at: http://wapipedia.org

As a newcomer to the mobile browsing world, I know I’ve probably missed some basic interface issues, so please send back any thoughts that come to mind while you browse my site – I’d love to have your opinion. And if you think it’s ready for prime time viewing, I’d be honored if you’d link to the wapipedia. Or just answer the poll...