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    Exclamation How To Flash Your Phone Yourself

    Guys I found another way on how flsh the phone yourself... and here is the Guide step by step. Flash the phone on your own risk
    (gigi said- i have slightly changed those instructions after doing it myself.....)

    Things you need:

    Motorola USB Data Cable.
    Download Motorola PST 6.0 or higher form Here and the patch from here.

    After you have downloaded the files and installed them you'll need to get the new firmware for your phone look around the net for it.. it should go like this "REL_30.80.15_SE8111AC3W8_001_BP" thats the file name.

    Now follow the steps -

    Download the NEW 6.7 (& the patch Install PST 6.7 with the windows updates it comes with + patch.
    Flash Image (.shx )

    1. Uninstall your A920 desktop suite. (not needed on my pc).

    2. Install Motorola PST 6.0 or higher.

    3. Remove the SIM, battery and SD card from your phone.

    4. Hold down the 2 game buttons.

    5. Whilst holding the 2 game buttons down, plug in the power with USB cable into your phone. (make sure the USB cable is connected to a different USB port than the one you used before...especially if u use a laptop)

    6. Release the 2 game buttons. (Your phone should say "AP is on CE-Bus, Waiting for PST")

    7. Windows will go ballistic and pick up a new device. The drivers are under the PST installed directory.

    8. Open the "PST Flash and Test Commands" program.

    9. Now in PST program click on the "Motorola P2K Device" (bottom left) and you should see info in the
    phone information section of the screen.

    10. Click on "browse" choose your BP Flash file. (you will need to make sure the flash file is unzipped first).

    11. Once it's loaded you should see a bunch of data in the flash load section.

    12. Klick Flash

    13. The flash will begin then fail horribly - don't worry this is normal.

    14. Windows will start redetecting your phone. And the PST will tell you that the process has failed and will ask for a new device/flash – answer no and close the PST program... (don’t worry, it's safe to restart the PST program each me)

    15. Point windows installer to grab the new device drivers from your
    PST directory. (note that this time the driver’s name is different…)

    16. After the drivers is installed relog your phone (like in steps 5-6), you will need to take your phone off the cradle and reinsert it again (dot worry its normal…)and then start the PST program again.

    17. Repeat steps 9 to 12. (you might need to repeat it for several times…)

    18. The flash should go through now. once again DON'T TOUCH IT, don't even look at your phone in a bad way.

    19. The flash takes a while 4-6 min as far as i remember. So wait for it. Don’t be alarmed if it takes longer…

    20. if this time windows did not detect a new device and you didn’t get any error messages, once you get the “flash another phone?” message, you are done! Click no

    21. Unplug the phone from the USB and power cable and slide your sim, battery and SD card back in and restart your phone.

    p.s- once flashing your phone, you will lose any information you had on it, so make sure you perform a backup before you flash it
    also, if you had the basic A920 you will need an updated version of the desktop suite, otherwise it wont work (A925 desktop suite is recommended)

    this version might not be suitable for A925 phones, so wait for us to test it before you try it on this phone…….either way, YOU DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    Good Luck

    Aussie_Tank and Gigi…….
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    Step 18>>> ROFL. You mean we can't make faces at the phone
    Great job in finding this mate!!.
    Step 14>>> time for
    Funny it worked.....the last time! Now I am not sure what was working before they put a hole in my head !

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    Gigi and I are happy to announce that the flash firmware that we obtained is working fine but we are still in our final stages of testing it out.... All I can say so far so very good my phone was a original A920 and now its the latest A925 with all these good features. And for the people who already have flashed their phones I'll post the new Manual for the A925 soon.

    My thanks go to gigi for helping me with the flashing and as for the users at the pdaphonehome Stay tunned...

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