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    someting about A920

    hi, everyone i'am a freshman.some monthes ago, i bout A920 in Australia. now i wanna ask some quetions:

    1. if i only upgrade firmware to the lastest version, can my phone get bluetooth and IR red functions?

    2.if 1, is posibble, can i do it by my self ,because in Australia, if i want to get bluetooth and IR fuctions , i will pay for it .

    3. if i use 3netaccess to surf internet, how about fees in Australia?
    anyone want to answer me ?

    thanks a lot
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    hi there...
    i am an aussie as well, and i upgraded my phone under warranty to the latest version with BT and IR !!!
    yes, it's true that 3 will tell you that i cost money ($30 or something like that...) but the service centres can do it under motorola warranty free of charge !!!

    now, as for internet fees in Australia -
    GPRS air time is free but you pay 15c for every KB you download (including the web pages themselves!),
    so, it is still a very costly excercise....
    May the Scwartz be with you!!!
    gigi :bluegrab:

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