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Thread: A925 in the US

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    A925 in the US

    Hello, I have a little problem and need help.

    Because the technology in the US as far as cell phones is close to the stone age I purchased a motorola A925 off the internet. I recieved it but sadly the phone was not unlocked and it has sweedish menues which really sucks for a guy that doesn't know a lick of swedish.

    I wanted to know if there was anywhere that I could get the latest flash version of the software plus if anyone knew where to find the latest version of Motorola PST for download. I have tried all over the place and can not find it.

    Please help, I am turning desperate here and I don't have any options of having someone else do it for me as the US is really screwed about the stuff.

    Thank you all very much!


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    if you use a download program you can search on that. I used emule and found all the software i needed. PST, Radiocomm, and about 4 different flash upgrades. try version 30.80.20 i think is the best one to search for.

    If you have no luck on emule, you can try some of the bit torrent sites such as isohunt.com and you may find it there.

    as for unlocking the phone... i spent like almost 12 months trying to find the mysterious code that will crack it. and alas, i found zip. If you need it sim unlocked, you will need to have a data cable handy and a good internet connection. then just do a search for it and find a place that does the unlocking for you via the web...


    try this link... and i hope im not out of line Mr Moderator, but this link will let you put your IEMI nimber in to see if they can code unlock it, or if you need to cable unlock it.

    i found the $25 they charge a small price to pay compared to having a 500 gram phone looking paper weight....

    another big hint.... FLASH UPGRADE BEFORE!!! you do the subsidy unlock on your phone... as some flash upgrades with relock your phone... when you flash upgrade, you will be able to set the language pack that will be installed...

    hope some of this helped

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