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    Question Windows Mobile on Droid Hardware?

    Does anyone know if the Droid Hardware can run Windows Mobile or if there is a port for it? Or, are there any phones out there with similar hardware specs to the Droid running Windows Mobile?

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    look at all the htc devices. they've got plenty of similar form factors as the droid. Not sure what specific specs you are looking for but pole around the HTC devices that exist (or are pending) and you could probably find something.

    I dont think currently you can run windows on the droid hardware as I dont believe windows can handle a capacitive touch screen yet. The borg still insist on the decade old resistive screen technology like the original black and white palm and early windows CE devices used.

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    The HD2 has a capacitive screen. It's not a technical limitation, it's a practical one. WM has so many small selectors that require a stylus, it hasn't been practical to have a capacitive screen. WM 6.5 is moving in the right direction, but it will be WM 7 before widespread adoption of capacitive screens.

    The only technical limitation I am aware of is that WM doesn't support multitouch events.

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