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    iPhone vs Droid as of 1/26/2010

    Now that the Droid has been out for a while and hacks galore on both the Droid and iPhone, which is more loved now based on people who have owned both (please not just tried one... or brother's sister's uncle has one)

    1) Tethering
    2) gmail
    3) web browsing
    4) calendar
    5) contact management
    6) notes
    7) crashes,reboots,shutdowns
    sudden slow downs

    Ready set GO!
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    Based on my experiences with NON-jalbroken/rooted phones; the iPhone if my work phone, the DROID my personal one:

    1. The DROID has a free personal use version of PDANet, which works well. I did not try tethering on my iPhone.
    2. Android is made by Google, and the Gmail support in it shows. I kept my Hotmail account until I got my DROID, but the support for gmail is so good that I finally forwarded it to my Gmail.
    3. About even. The built-in DROID browser is lacking, but the free Dolphin browser is as good as Safari.
    4. DROID, hands down. The limitations on the iPhone calendar are really annoying, the android implementation is much more usable.
    5. Unified inbox for all your non-gmail accounts. Nuff said.
    6. Evernote is free on both devices, so even.
    7. Other than Pandora being slow, I have few real app issues on the DROID, and none of those affected the OS as a whole. My iPhone runs fine as well, but the lack of multitasking really doesn't give it much opportunity to crash.
    8. As I said before, Pandora is slow to respond on the DROID. I occasionally see a hiccup, but it's never overly annoying. I had an Eris before I upgraded to the DROID, and it was really sluggish at times. The iPhone, well, it never runs more than one app at a time, so it never really gets the chance to be sluggish,

    Overall, if you aren't going to jailbreak, I would look at the DROID over the iPhone for general use. The iPhone has more apps and especially games, but I don't do much of that on my phone. Android has real GPS, and lots of cool free apps that use it, including the very cool Google Navigation app. Android also has a LOT of free cool apps, due to the SDK being free, and the market lets you find them quickly and easily.

    As a media phone, iPhone hands down. The DROID doesn't even touch the quality of iTunes on the iPhone.

    The final straw for me on getting one is the network, though - AT&T coverage sucks here in Iowa, Verizon less so. Even with a free iPhone at my disposal, I pay personal money to use a DROID for that reason alone.

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