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    Using a different ISP?

    I just got a Q 9m from asurion, had a lot of problems with my Treo 650 and decided to try something else and got it covered under the insurance from Verizon. I have had a lot of palm based phone going all the way back to the Kyocera 6035. With all of these phones I could set up my AT&T worldnet dial up internet access and use it instead of the Verizon internet access. I’m not referring to using it as a tethered modem. This could be done very easily without the need for any data plan and I was never charged for data of any kind. Now it is slow but I only use it for email when I‘m out of the office, so for me it works. Does anyone know how to do this on a Q9m? The people at Verizon were almost always clueless on how to set this up, mostly because they are obviously in the business of selling their access. But until now I could figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What we used call what you are looking for is dial up access to another ISP. I used to use this method as well before phone company's offered there own internet access. The phone would act like regular analogue modem. However, as you pointed out, it was slow since it was typically limited to 9600 bits per second.

    Since phone companies offer fast access, I haven't researched this. I am pretty certain there is not a 'native' way (offered standard on the phone), but there might be a third party solution. It would obviously use airtime (minutes) to provide this ability. It might be worth a quick web search.

    Verizon does offer lower cost data plans, which might serve the same goal. My wife and daughter use the 24.95 plan which has a 5 meg limit but serves their needs. You have to press them to get it, since they want everyone on the unlimited plan.


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    Just to clairify,
    Verizon does not offer an unlimited plan.
    5GB max

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