I originally bought this Q in like August thinking that mebbe it was upgradeable to WM6.5. I knew with it having WM6 it would do two things for me, it would allow me to tether again, and would have a much better chance of having a current version of Pocket IE(I don't know why that mattered since Opera Mini, and Skyfire are out).

I got it at a fantastic price off eBay so I can't complain. But I was miffed when I tried to upgrade it to WM6.1. At first the MotoUpdater wouldn't let me do it. So I sold the phone only to have to buy it back a month later after the Samsung Instinct I got broke.

So I got it back, thankfully for less than I sold it for, and decided to give the updater another try. Since I had just bought the phone back, I put the date of the purchase in the update of October 2009(It wouldn't allow October 2010). Much to my amazement the updater still went ahead and let me update the phone!

So if you have a Q0C and it needs updating, I suggest putting in November or December 2010 into the updater and trying to update it(I had never personally registered the phone so that may be why it worked for me. I still suspect that you can put whatever date in it you want though).

Oh and tethering...I use PDANet, its working flawlessly for me. I'm getting 1.5MB constant throughput on 3 bars.

I also copied my ringtones from my old Q and have put them on the new one