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    Problems with Acura HandsFree Link in 2004 TL

    I just bought myself a new toy...a 2004 Acura TL with Bluetooth HFL. I am having the following problems with the system:

    1) When I am receiving a call, I press the answer button on my steering wheel. 1/2 of the time, the call will pick up, but the other half of the time the call gets dropped.

    2) When I am connected to the HFL system and dial from the phone, the audio is not redirected to the HFL. I need to dial directly from their system. Is there a way to use the phone's voice dialing feature with the Acura?

    3) The battery life is transmitted to the HFL screen, but for some reason it does not pick up the signal strength. Any ideas?

    Help with these issues would be greatly appreciated...

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    My roommate has a TL and back when I was helping her try to use it...this is what I remember....not that the audio was poor enough she returned to a bt headset.

    1. Don't know about this one. She didn't use it long enough to get a good feel for this.

    2. Voice dial through phone, no go. I may be wrong about that.

    3. PPC and SP will not show the signal strength. There is not a work around for this.
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    I too have the 38,500$ Bluetooth headset (2006 Acura TL) and have been reading reviews on the Moto Q as I am looking to purchase the Q to replace my clunky i730. I like the i730, though I don't care for missed calls and constant soft resets since moving to WM5 (Legit version from Verizon). I just don't use the PPC enough to justify having one. I don't use 3rd party apps etc. I am a give me my phone calls (reliably) and let me process my friggin email problem free kind of guy. I had the i600 and liked it though the hardware was slow and daily restarts were a must to keep it running.

    My big question is will this phone link to my 06 TL's HandsFreeLink??? I think I might go down to the Verizon store and strike up a conversation with a VZW rep and when he says "Yeah it will work", like all commission driven salesmen, I will ask him to put his money where his mouth is and take a Moto Q out to my car and link it up. Proof would be in the pudding then I guess.

    Anyone else got this phone to work with the Acura HandsFreeLink or the BMW for that matter? Any known issues besides the ones listed below?

    Here are some threads on the subject that I found but just because I found it on the internet doesn't mean it's true. I'm looking for other TL owners to weigh in on this:

    These guys (This week posts) say it all works fine in their TLs.

    Here is the Acura HandsFreeLink site that says that the Moto Q is fully supported (kind of):

    Here is the main "Find a supported HandsFreeLink phone" link:

    On the Acura site above they do state the following for the Moto Q
    "On an incoming call, disconnect tone sounds but call is still there."
    Of note: The Moto Q does support the call waiting function of the HandsFreeLink system where the Samsung i730 doesn't support it.

    So is it worth a 200$ gamble at this point to deal with a disconnect beep when you get an incoming call but the call is still there? hmmm

    Thanks in advance!!


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    I own a 2004 Acura TL and a Motorola Q, and, for the most part, the Q works pretty well with the HandsfreeLink system. Some of the things that don't quite work as expected are:

    1) After you press the "talk" key on the steering wheel to answer a call, it beeps signaling that the call was dropped, the radio goes back on for a split second, and then magically you are connected again. Not a huge deal now, but it took me some getting used to.

    2) It is not very easy to dial from the Q and then transfer the call to the Acura system. Supposedly you can dial from the Q, press the "talk" button on the Q, and then say "transfer", and the call should go to the Acura system, but I have not had luck with this. I just spent 15 minutes and put everybody that I normally call from the road into my car's phone book.

    3) Signal strength is not displayed on the HFL system. To me, I live in San Diego, Verizon's test market, so I ALWAYS get good reception. This is not an issue for me. Battery life is displayed correctly, except when the phone is connected to a car charger.

    4) Sometimes during a call, the bluetooth will randomly drop for about 5 seconds and then reconnect. I think my phone is defective, and I am getting a replacement in the mail today.

    The bottom line is that all phones have their little issues with any bluetooth system. Yes, the Q does not work perfectly with the Acura system, but I do not believe that this should be a roadblock for buying one. I switched from a Samsung i730 the day that the Q was released, and I am not looking back.

    I hope this information helps.

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    Acura Hands-free - NEARLY USELESS !!

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Acura TL, but I find that the hands-free link is another half-baked feature on the car. After working with my Nokia 2165 for months, it suddenly quit. The phone is recognized, and will dial, but no voice. A trip to the dealer taught me that the system is only guaranteed to work with the very small handfull of APPROVED phones. Otherwise, it may not work at all, work partly or may quit after some time. There are hardly phones from the last century on the approved list, and you can see that nearly all of them work only PARTLY with the sytem! You can check this for yourself at www.handsfreelink.com.

    I am FURIOUS about this. My company develops electronic products, including wireless, and it is clear that the Acura engineers didn't do a very good job designing the system to make it meet all the Bluetooth compatibility requirements. I can go out and buy ANY $20 hands free headset or 3rd party handfree kit and it will work immediately with ANY Bluetooth phone I may have - but NOT this $35K car unit! Thanks ACURA.

    SO - if your phone is not working properly with the car, check the list - it is probably not on it. This is a BIG oversight on the part of Acura engineering.

    FYI one of the other half-baked features is the so-called "surround sound" system. It ONLTY works with DTS audio DVDs, so it has no effect on your CDs and the XM stereo. The algorithm to convert 2-channel stereo to surround is included FREE with the DTS license, but Acura decided NOT to install it. Why? Who knows. I only know that I am not going to replace all my CDs with DVDs, so the feature is as USELESS as the handsfree system.

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