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    Phone keeps shutting off

    So, until recently, this was never a problem, but now I notice that intermittently, my Mpx220 just shuts down. It never happens in the middle of a call, but when it is in my hand, or in my car and not being used, I'll notice it is no longer turned on. Any advice on what could be causing this and potential solutions? I love my phone, but this is frustrating.

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    This is how is done. This is what we are discussing in this post.

    Notice that the piece of paper is lined up towards the right side of the phone, given that the battery connectors are also lined up towards the right side when you look at the top of the battery.

    Hope that clears misunderstandings."

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    At one point there was discussion about the battery losing contact with the connectors inside the phone. Some folks (even me) put a small piece of paper between the battery and the phones housing to hold the battery firmly in place. I cannot say 100% if it resolved it but it did not happen as often after that.
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    Mine was shutting off also along with other bizarre behavior. It's only happened a couple times since I upgraded the firmware last month.
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    Piece of Paper Trick

    haha. That trick is well-know with the mpx220. I discovered it when my phone just started shutting off intermittently. Horrible problem for a $350 phone. But yeah a slightly thick piece of paper will do the trick. After I did that the phone didn't give me any trouble.
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