about 6 months or so back, i once had the mogul when it came out. I had tremendous battery problems and could never get it to hold a charge--even after exchanging the phone for three new ones, getting the extended battery, etc, it still wouldnt last past 5-7 hours with minimal usage. at the time i remember downloading some kind of registry hack thing that was supposed to change the "insides" if you will to make the batt life longer, but didnt work. to make a long story short, i got rid of it and swore i'd never get another pda.
well here i am, with the palm centro. it dosnt do what the mogul did--i kinda liked the way mogul worked, but im told that the palm os is a better platform, but who knows. anyway, is there also a registry hack proggie for this as well? for that matter, is there any kind of programs avail. for it to do this and that? I have searched the centro thread, all i got was links to stuff you had to buy which im sure theres stuff out there you dont have to buy.
where would i find the proggies if they exist? many thanks in advance