Hello, all

I've been searching,with no results.

I have a client who uses a Palm device, an older one. His Palm was syncing properly with Exchange, until his PC was replaced. After his new PC was deployed, his device was syncing properly for about a month, until it just one day stopped, and my client started messing around with it, to try get it working.

I had to reinstall the hotsync software as a result. I reconfigured settings to match his old laptop. Now, whenever he syncs, it does not sync Exchange, only everything else. He only needs his calendar, really.

I've the Outlook Conduits installed, and Hotsync sees the Calendar as syncing with Excange, to the proper folder in his mailbox.

My questions are:

Is Palm able to sync with Exchange out of the box?
If not, is it just a fluke that its been working for so long?
Is there a free or inexpensive software that I could suggest, if there's no way to make it work?