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    PALM Pre Keynote

    PALM keynote

    Live Palm keynote coverage from CES 2009 - gdgt live

    Gotta tell ya' it looks pretty nice.
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    Now, if they will only release it on Verizon.

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    Palm OS

    Ok...I am an old guy that has lived with Palm since the Palm III. OF course that is the PALM OS.

    We like our Centros...........software looks and works great after a year plus but it is sad to think that this will be the end and our hope is that our phone will last forever.

    Not looking forward at all to a new OS that requires new software. Just the same with Apple.............I was born with the little apple and went to MS and that is were I will stay.

    It seems that it is to bad that more of the users aren't voicing their wants for the continuation is some form of the Palm OS................on the other hand I may be the only one interested in staying there.
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