In the Red Corner, weighing in at $16.95, Backup Buddy. And in the Blue Corner, weighing in at $49.95 is Palm Backup Card 16MB.

I have BB installed on my 6035 and luckiny have not had to use it. Although at work I have walked users through using the Palm Backup Card. My question is this.

Since you also have to buy a SD/MMC card to use BB and one comes with the Palm Backup, what are the advantages and disadvantages to each. When you add the price of a 16MB card to BB, price wise the two products are not very far apart.

Will the Palm card backup things like Voice Memos? Will BB? What about Voice dial numbers? Is either product going to get everything?

Just would like to know b4 getting a 7135. I am trying to get all applications (color versions of the ones I currently have) and accessories now.

Thank you<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>