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    request for OS patch, brothers

    Hi masters of the mini universe contained within the dimensional frame of the Kyo '35! As a longtime lurker and '35 for business advocate, I have my first high-level question for you. Below I have repro'd an article that appeared today in palminfocenter. The forum consensus, 50 posts later, was that the hardware has always been capable of greater than 8 or 16 MBs, but was limited by the OS as a holdover from the early days of Palm OS development.
    My question is therefore: could one of you geniuses please figure out how they did it and PATCH OS 3.5.1 so we '35 users can enjoy 128 MBs too?

    Palm Expands Internal RAM Capabilities
    Posted By: Ryan on Thursday, April 17, 2003_1:41:42 PM

    Palm Solutions Group has announced it has overcome the 16MB internal memory limit. Palm Solutions and PalmSource engineers collaborated to develop memory technology that extends the amount of RAM possible on a Palm OS handheld from the current 16MB to 128MB.

    The memory breakthrough has been incorporated into Palm OS by PalmSource, in OS version 5.2.1 and will make the development available to other licensees. As of today, the most amount of ROM a Palm Powered device has shipped with is 16MB.

    "We're delighted that Palm Solutions Group took the lead on this technology enhancement," said David Nagel, president and chief executive officer of PalmSource. "Cooperative development in partnership with our licensees gives the Palm OS platform faster innovation and benefits the entire Palm Economy."

    "The range of potential next-generation hardware and software solutions expands tremendously with this innovation from Palm Solutions engineers," said Steve Manser, senior vice president of product development for Palm Solutions Group. "Our memory advance means customers can be confident they'll have what they need to deploy robust business applications or rich multimedia."

    any ideas? How can we get a copy of 5.2.1?
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    Sorry, but you will have to wait for Kyocera to alter and approve of the Kyocera 6035 palm powered operating system. You can find on the Kyocera.com site information for why,when, and where to download any new updated OS system on the handheld. Palm works with the manufacturing companies to help them customize the software to their product.

    However, this customization does not affect the Palm software on your desktop computer called Palm Desktop. Any Palm upgrade to the Palm Desktop is okay to download and use from the Palm site without checking the Kyocera site first.

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