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    So, let me get this straight...

    Did I read correctly that if a program ties the registration info to the username of the PDA it's installed on, it can damage the 7135 since it overwrites parts of the ROM? Can someone set me straight here please. I don't understand.
    Also, if this IS true, and I have a program that I've paid for (PacMan...sorry, I just love it!) and like, is it difficult for the developer to give me a registration code that DOES NOT damage the ROM somehow?

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    where did you read this?

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    As a programmer, I can tell you that the worst thing a registration code can do is clutter your memory.

    Some programs use hidden, "unassociated" files to hide their registration information. They can't store information in your ROM(*). Unassociated files use up memory, and could possibly interfere with future installations of the program that created them (if the programmer screws up). But none of this is permanent. Using something like Filez, you can find these things and delete them if you choose. Or you can do a hard reset and selective restore.

    (*) OK. So it's theoretically possible. Programs like Jack Flash enable you to modify your flash memory, but trust me, nobody stores stuff in ROM for registration purposes. One mistake, and they've damaged all their user's devices, since the ROM mapping is not constant from device to device. The liability would be really, really intense. As in go-out-of-business-if-you're-not-Microsoft intense.
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    Woah, I've never read anything close to this....
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    Ok, thanks. I must have read it wrong. On one of my previous posts (http://www.smartphonesource.com/vbul...ght=FirstTimer), Evan mentioned that some applications could overwrite parts of the ROM; I must have added the game registration thing in my own head. I've been trying to troubleshoot this issue for a bit and would like to pin-point the program causing the problems (if it is a program and not the phone itself), but it takes roughly a month to show up again it seems. I am getting a replacement supposedly today or tomorrow, opposed to sending this one in and them (Kyo) fixing it (reflashing it?). The only program that ties my registration to my PDA username is PacMan, so I guess that's why I thought of that program first. Of course, it could just be the phone, but who knows. Any suggestions anyone?
    If it IS one of my programs (I have very few 3rd party apps), I don't want to screw this next phone up since my warranty is up after this month, so if I mess it up again, it's on my dime.

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