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    Lotus Notes Calendar Syncing

    Greetings All,

    I'm looking for a conduit/program to be able to use the Lotus Notes calendar on my Palm OS device (instead of the Palm calendar or in conjuction with it).

    My group is located around the U.S. and we have to use Lotus Notes for e-mail. We all use Palm OS (IIIx, Kyocera 7135, etc.) and would like to use the Lotus Notes calendar with our devices. We are planning to use the calendar and scheduler to help each in planning meetings, etc.

    I kinda searched around some, but couldn't find any info on this. (It's probably there, but I missed it.)

    Thanks, Stumped in Montana

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    I have had a Palm III, a Kyocera 6035, and now a 7135. I use PylonPro from advantGo. The software is hard to find goto http://avantgo.com/support/pylon_support/index.html This is a good start.

    Also Lotus has a sync program called EasySync.

    I use PylonPro so I can have more then one address book from Notes in my Palm.

    Good Luck...

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    Also take a long look at mNotes. I have been using it for a couple of years and have had no problems at all. If you use Lotus Notes on a Domino server, you can replicate your email, addresses, calender and todos both from your desktip (via hotSync for Palm or Activesync for PocketPC) and over either the GPRS or 1xxx networks.

    see www.commontime.com

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