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    Band Conversion on phones...

    Alright, I know this probably going to be a stretch and everyone is going to brush this question off, but does anyone know or heard of anyone converting the band their phone ran on? Example: say you have a Euro/Asian phone that is only dual band GSM 900/1800mhz and you wanted it to work in the U.S. under GSM 850/1900mhz. Have anyone done this or is it more involved than replacing a chip and remapping some traces? I am willing to replace the reciever chip and do other trace mods to the board to make it work, but if it involves a lot of software coding, that will be a little more involved than I am confortable with right now.

    Or better yet, is there or will there ever be a provider for the 900/1800 mhz GSM phones?

    Again, don't flame me for this question, if you have any information please post even if it is just references or links.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not practical to do

    The FCC requires their approval on every radio transmitting device used in the US (except for those
    a) transmitting at _very_ low power, or
    b) those built by amateur radio license holders and working only on specific frequencies, cellular not incuded).
    so, modifying a device would be against the law. The firmware in cell phones, therefore, is designed to prevent that from happening, as phone designers want to stay on the good side of the FCC.

    As to 900MHz or 1800MHz being used for cellular Stateside, again, the answer is a solid no. Those frequencies were locked up for other use in North America long before cellphones were created. www.fcc.gov has specific allocations, but the short answer is, their current users of those frequencies would object, and rightfully so.
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