Hello Forum,

I am developing an app for the 7135 that sends files stored on an MMC card to an FTP server. However, I have run into a bit of a challenge. The application works fine unless the lib of the phone is closed while files are being sent. If this happens, when the lib is opened, the application will have frozen. The only way to get it going again is to do a reset and restart the app.

I have looked through the Kyocera API and the Palm API docs and have not been able to determine what actually happens when the phone is closed. Speaking to the people at Kyocera, they were under the impression that the data connection went into dormant mode when the phone was closed but they did not know for sure. They were also unable to tell me if it was possible to stop the data connection from going into dormant mode.

Has anyone run into this situation before? What solutions have you found? Does anyone have any recommendations on where a solution might be found.

Many thanks in advance,