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    7135 act info to phone address book

    a long time ago someone at act sent me a software program that took the addresses/names/# which were in my act on the 7135 and put them into the 7135 phone address book,

    I lost the program and need to get it again.

    anyone know where I can get it? Thx
    Shawn P. Adamo

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    Act! Link 2.0 for Palm OS

    The program you're looking for is Act! link 2.0 for Palm OS.

    I thought it was included on the Act6 disk, but I haven't had to install it in a while. I've switched to Act for Palm.

    I think you could go to their website, and do a search under that name to find a download.

    I still use Act Link, so that I can move email addresses from Act to the Palm address book. I haven't found a way to activate the email software from Act for Palm. So if I want to send an email, I jump out of Act for Palm, go into the Palm address book, find the contact, choose their email address, and then the email software loads.

    If someone knows a better way to do this let me know???

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    Act! Link 2.0

    Here is the FAQ on using and installing Act Link 2.0:

    As best I can tell, Act! no longer offers it for download. Do not know how long Yahoo will allow this file to sit here, but you can try to download it from here: http://us.f1f.yahoofs.com/bc/42fe511...voYmABw4Pht5c6

    I have not tried using Act! for Palm OS yet, but just downloaded the trial version. Sorry I can't help with your delimna, but it does seem stupid to not have the two linked.

    Does anyone here use the Act! 6.0 email client on their desktop? Have you found a way to sync it with your palm? Using Outlook or other variants is not an option for me because I heavily use the "Attach to contact" feature with the Act! email.
    - Archnemysis

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