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    "List" software?

    Can anyone reccomend some palm software that will keep track of lists?

    For instance, songs i want to collect, action figures missing from my collection, things i want to do to my car etc etc.

    would also be nice that it would have a "things to do today, week, month, year,"

    so if it used the calendar function of the palm that would rock but .............. best of all I could manipulate it thru a desktop program?

    Prolly to much to ask but hey, if one doesnt ask they dont get.......... right?

    thanks in advance.
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    HandyShopper, maybe?

    HandyShopper, although designed for grocery shopping, is amazingly flexible, and free is a very good price....

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    I copied and paste the note by one of the member in this forum. Hope this could help in your problem.

    Agendus 8 now in beta
    I am a big fan of Agendus -- it best serves my needs as a contacts manager -- and have just been notified that the beta for Agendus 8 is now available. Here is a list of features:


    Nut what really stands out for me is the following:

    - Support for 3rd party Email and SMS clients (PRO): Agendus now support sending emails and SMS via 3rd party email clients. Preferred messaging application can be picked from preferences -> Misc

    The one great "lack" I had with Agendus in the past is that I could not integrate it with SnapperMail. Now, it looks like I will be able to.

    If anyone else is interested in Agendus 8, take a look at the website.

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