I have been using the built in messages app that came with my PDA-phone's OS 4.1. However, I am confused about what happens to files when I do a hotsync.

I have used it to record voicenotes, doodles, and quick text stuff I jotted down. So it leaves me wondering. Is the audio file forever trapped on the Palm? I have since had to do a hard reset, and noticed that some of the audio clips are no longer there , all I am left with is a title, and nothing is attached to it. Some of the doodles are there though.

Second question (still related). I see there is an option to delete, with a checkmark: "[] Save Archive copy on PC." Where do arhive files go when I delete them this way? I don't see them in the Palm\ folder. I see there is a limit of 75 of these entries too, so I may have to delete some. Is there a way to listen/view them on the PC? Is it some sort of audio format that is translateable or listenable?

Now before you all tell me that I should have used "Soandso" app to jot down my notes, please understand that this was already there, and I was new to the PDA so it was all I had . Thank you for any help you all can provide.