I'm trying to syncronise the contacts between Lotus Notes and the Kyocera 7135, and it's proving difficult. The address shows up in the "contact information", but the full address doesn't display in the contacts list in Lotus Notes unless I do this:

enter the contact in Lotus Notes
enter the address on the Kyocera
the address then appears on the contact list, but when I go into the contact it is all in one field, so I edit it to put the street, city etc in the correct fields

Also, if I enter the contact for the first time in the phone then sync, the contact does appear in Lotus Notes but when I send an email it doesn't attach the email address and therefor doesn't send... so I have to always enter the contact into Lotus Notes first.

Has anyone experienced these problems? Is there an easier way to sync the contacts between the Kyocera and Lotus notes?

Thanks for any help you can give me!