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    Palm Programming

    GBasic (scripting language) is a new way of programming for Palm, Nokia, Simputer, Laptops and Pocket PC. Applications created using this scripting language run on all devices mentioned above.

    The language is simple as it is a lot like the BASIC language with the same syntactical rules, making it simple to program with the addition of features like event handling, form builder, making it the language of the new generation.

    The language is a part of the GoDB tool. The GoDB tool has a form builder, its own IDE, source level debugger and simulators for PALM, POCKET PC, NOKIA, SIMPUTER and LAPTOPS. So the user can view the application in the simulators before deploying them to the actal device.

    It has a built-in RDBMS, a micro-browser and a file system, the capability to do incremental sync (of the modified data) between a server and client devices using the connectivity available (Dial-up/LAN/WLAN/GPRS/GSM Dataline etc) with compression option(upto 75%).Since GoDB has built-in database and sync capabilities, additional investment (in client device licenses) in lite versions (oracle lite/sqlce/db2 everyplace) is not there. The overall cost of building a mobile ERP application with GoDB is much more cost effective than using native tools and DBMSs And whats more? It is completely platform independant (deploy the same application on pocketpc/symbian/linux devices and also PCS).

    To learn how to build a simple application in GoDB visit

    The tool can be downloaded from consigntech.com
    download.com by searching for Godb
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