Poll: Which mobile palmOS browser do I use?

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    Which browser do you use for pdaPH?

    If I knew all the browsers out there, I'd make this a poll. But I have had little success with any of the more popular browsers when trying to visit these forums. Either the listing for each page is way too long (I never see the bottom in EW), or the mobile edition goes kaflooey- even when I select my phone in the FAQ/Discussion list, it persists in filling my page with the entire selection every time the page refreshes (taking up page room and valuable minutes (I still can't see the bottom of the page). And in the mobile edition I can't seem to even FIND the forums, much less post in them :/ NONE of the browsers that I currently use that I have are able to download from this forum at all...

    What are your successes, concerns? Is this a forum issue, a browser issue, or both? Thanks in advance.

    *UPDATE* ok have fun, you now have a poll.
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