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    Want to get a Treo 650, question on it's capability...

    One key thing that I will need whatever pda/phone I decide to get to do is be able to be on a website (www.techdata.com), use the calculator, and type an e-mail message. I would like to be able to do all these things simultaneously. Ie. check techdata and bring up all my costs for a few products on 1 page, use the calculator to do a markup, and type that info into an e-mail to send to a customer.

    I've heard bad things about the Palm OS multitasking so is this possible? I don't need everything on the same screen but I'll need to be able to switch back to the webpage without having to go back and reload the page and search for the items again. Is this only possible on Windows Mobile OS?

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    What you want to do is very likely not possible on the 650. It runs on PalmOS 5, which is not multitasking capable. That device can do some things in the background, but not as much as you describe.

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