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    Question tungsten synch email with thunderbird

    Hi all

    How do I go about synching my tungsten T1 with my thunderbird so that I can grab my emails?

    I'm not too interested in downloading whilst I'm on the go yet. Just would be nice to down emails for the day and read them on the bus/train.

    What other email clients can I do this with (apart from outlook!).

    Heard about this Portable Thunderbird, maybe I can create a script to download to a SD card and then read emails from that? Do we have a thunderbird for palm yet? Maybe call it thunderchick?

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    Thunderbird on the go!

    I would love to be able to have a palm based email client read the thunderbird mail files from the SD Card. I travel alot and I use portable thunderbird to get me email. I then put the card in my Tungsten E2. I use McFile (using McText) to browse to the mail folder that Thunderbird creates and I read the text files. It isn't the greatest but at least I can read my emails.

    I use filters to seperate all the email so I don't have to go through a giant inbox file.

    Let me know if you come up with something better. It seems like a USB portable email client would be the best thing, if a palm based email client could read the Thunderbird mail files.

    - John

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