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    syncing a palm (phone) via USB under linux

    i saw there were several old threads on this topic, but i don't think they're relevant as pilot-sync now supposedly has support for USB.

    got a palm pdaphone (i500) and am able to sync once in a while but not consistently.

    with pilot-sync 0.11 it was pretty reliable to actually make the connection, but often failed when trying to install files.

    with version 0.12, when it does make the connection, it seems to install files fine (though i haven't been able to install many), but it usually just fails to bind to the USB port.

    furthermore, jpilot does not support 0.12 yet, so i can't use my favorite desktop software even if i do get sync to work.

    i'm very familiar with the various options involved, udev, permissions, /dev/ttyUSB*, visor and usb kernel modules, etc... but i can't get it all to work.

    this is fedora core 4.

    anyone out there using the same getup and looking to do basically the same thing? i found no coherent threads on the internet. stuff was either out-dated or just noob suggestions.

    i've used jpilot and palm for *years* via serial port. worked much better than in windows even. but this USB stuff is extremely flakey. looking to get some discussion going on the topic or at least some pointers to existing docs on the issue.
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    I am also running into trouble with this. Any luck?

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