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    Palm based phone sized device w/ bluetooth

    After finding out that the Samsung SPH-I500 and the Kyocera 7135 are discontinued, I'm at a loss to find a suitable device that is both a Palm based phone with BlueTooth, but is smaller than a PDA sized "Smartphone" like the Treo 650.

    The OS on those models is a little old anyhow (palm 4.x), but, it would have gotten the job done, as the inteneded user of this device needs BlueTooth so that he can get web based internet access to his email account through it with his new Zire72s. He wants to be able to get webaccess email on both devices essentially, but he doesn't want to return the Zire because he doesn't want a PDA sized cellphone and would rather have two devices.

    The only other alternative I see is to get a cell phone with bluetooth, so at least he can get email and web access through it on the Zire, but he'd really rather have it available in a portable format, and on the Zire.

    Please HELP

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    No my friend. I think you are in the same boat as many 7135 users. If you find something let me know. Also research the Xplore M98.

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    doesn't do a damn bit of good to research gspda phones. No one has picked them up yet, and from the calls I made, no one plans to. Could be wrong, but I haven't heard anything promising yet. LG could make something, but I doubt you'll see anything till at least 2007. None of the carriers care. They're happy selling their Treos.
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