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    bluetooth car handsfree kits troubles

    when my handsfree car speaker phone connects it is very low volume, i cant hear the other party. the icon that the pn820 displays is the headset and connect as headset, should it be connecting as something else? this is my second hands free kit, same problem with both, i did get the original hands free to connect once or twice where the volumes were normal,
    maybe i need to delete the handsfree entry and start over and call it a speaker phone or car?

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    Have you updated your phone yet?

    See the thread below called...

    "PN-820 Maintenance release on UT Starcomm Site"

    Might help.

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    Hi. I did the maintenance upgrade today and, while I have not explored all the new features, I desperately need my BT headset (Jabra X10) to work. We "pair" fine, but I hear nothing in the HS? any experience with this? Same problem pre-update. VC seems to work with NO headset... but what's the point?! Driving with a Handset is a Primary offense in NJ ! gotta get a BT headset working. It did accept one or two commands, but I heard nothing in the headset (except the appropriate beeps).
    Thanks for any, all help. Moosehugger

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