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    Removing icons from Programs

    I installed a demo version of a program but decided to remove it, however the icon is still on the programs screen. How do I get rid of it?

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    Removing Ghost Icons

    I had the same problem on my Samsung i700. Here's the solution. Begin by clicking on START and then touch MENUS under the Personal sector. You are allowed up to 9 (nine) items in your START tab. Remove some of the presently checked items and put the ICON or ICONS you want to remove as your checked items. Then hit the X in the top right and that will bring you out to the main screen. Click on the START at the top left and the errant ICONS should be there.

    Now to remove the icons go to START and then click on PROGRAMS and then tap FILE EXPLORER. Have FILE EXPLORER set on "My Device" and click on the word "Windows." Scroll down to the words "Start Menu". You will see the 9 (nine) items that you have set up as words and icons on your START screen. Hold your stylus on the name of the ICON you want removed. It will pop up a new list of things and just click the word delete. Your ICON or ICONS are now deleted.

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    thank you

    This worked like a charm for my XV6600. I so appreciate it

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