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    Question Pocket internet explorer question

    I've got my hands on a brand spanking new O2 XDA II all set up for web browsing with Pocket IE. I have two problems and they may be related. When i visit sites like e-bay i cant sign in because it keeps telling me to enable cookies although i have checked the settings and they ARE enabled. Problem 2 is sites with drop-down menus, i.e. autotrader. When it asks to choose make/model in the menu the fields are blank and there are no choices.
    I hope sense can be made of this post, ive just read it back and confused myself!
    Cheers for any help.

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    Browser issue

    The issue you're having with your browser is due to Pocket Internet Explorer. Most webpages today look to see what your browser series is (IE 6.0 or IE 5.0, Netscape 7.2). Pocket Internet Explorer is an older series browser rarely supported by today's webpages. You might look to download the program Reg.King 2003. This particular program has a registry hack that will allow your pocket pc to appear as IE 6.0. There are additional hacks that allow you to remove some of the formatted favorites in Pocket Internet Explorer, change type styles and even thicken the scroll lines on your webpages. You can search some of these forums to find the link to Reg. King 2003.

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