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    Are there any CDMA PocketPC Phone Editions available?

    UPDATE: The Samsung SPH-i700 and Hitachi G1000 are CDMA Pocket PC Phone Editions.

    <img src="images/samsung_i700.gif" align="right">There have been many rumors about when CDMA PocketPC Phone Edition devices will appear. Best guess is early 2003, but that is just rumor. There have been pictures floating around the internet of a device from Samsung, but we won't know until it appears.
    <br /><a class="postlink" target="_blank" href="http://www.infosync.no/news/2002/n/2224.html">Samsung CDMA PocketPC Phone Edition</a>

    In the mean time, there are some good alternatives. Verizon offers the Audiovox Thera which is a PocketPC, but uses a custom dialer instead of the Phone Edition version. There are also Palm based pdaPhones being made by Kyocera and Samsung and offered by Verizon and Sprint.

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    HTC Pocket PC Phone Edition CDMA

    Hey folks,

    I have some pictures of a new HTC CDMA model Pocket PC Phone Edition that were recently filed with the FCC (end of December).

    Check out the pictures here :


    Have fun...

    Cheers... Peter
    Peter Kotiadis
    Canada Pocket PC

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