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Why are the alarms on my AT&amp;T/Siemens too quiet?

The ringtones seem quiet on the short ones because of an acoustic shock requirement by Siemens. The volume ramps up to prevent hearing damage if the device is at the users ear. On shorter tones it does not have enough time to ramp up to full volume. The next release AWS is doing changes it so the shorter ringtones play twice so they can ramp up to full volume. [/siz]

This problem seems to be unique to the AT&amp;T version.

The phone goes to sleep and doesn't wake up sometimes to play the alarm... then when you turn the phone on, the alarm goes off... not very useful. What can I do about it?

This is a bug in the PocketPC2002 OS and not unique to the Phone Edition. The work around for the alarm bug is to not set the alarm and immediately turn the device off. Leave it on for a while or just let it manually shutdown. [/siz]

Another solution is to use a 3rd party alarm program. The following two programs may help this problem:


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