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    Can I watch a movie on the Phone Edition?

    I'm not an expert but got this working so let me share what I learned. <ol><li>Get yourself a legal copy of a movie. </li>
    <li>Start Windows Media Encoder (or download it from Microsoft). </li>
    <li>If this is the first time you are using Encoder, you will need to do a web search for the profile for an IPAQ. This sets the best basic settings for a PPC device and makes the encoded movie a workable size and quality to play on the PPC. More experienced users will probably know better how to fine tune settings, but I use this profile, as is, and have gotten good results. </li>
    <li>When running Encoder, start encoding New Session Wizard that walks you through the process. Follow directions at each step until you get to Profile Section. This is where you will choose Video for PPC-IPAQ that you found in step 3. </li>
    <li>In this Wizard you have chosen a file to encode and a destination. Now go play some ball, grab a slice of pizza or something else, since the encoding can take hours. </li>
    <li>The finished, encoded movie is a .wmv file which plays in Windows Media Player. Copy this file to a 256mb (or suitable size)sd card, insert the card into the Phone Edition, and you are good to go.</li> </ol>Remember that this won't be TV quality, but it is pretty good. This will also use up your battery, so a battery extender or larger battery would be a good thing to look into if you are planning on watching a full 2 hour movie without supplemental power. Enjoy.

    by JoePDA

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    Unhappy it is exelent... but...

    i tride it but i still have an problem. the point is, probably funny for you but sirious for me. how do i download dvd from cd to my computer and than convert it to put it on my pocket pc. i have mda 2. i succeded with dvx.

    p.s. please excuse me for my bad english spelling. it is not my language.

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