I want to see and be able to respond to emails if a quick response is needed (when traveling) using Pocket PC, however I also want to have all my emails eventually sent (and permanently stored) to my PC (Outlook).

Therefore, I want to be able to keep emails on the POP3 server after they're pushed to my pdaphone (Verizon/Audiovox XV6600) so I am able to pick them up on my PC later. I thought there was an option in the Pocket PC email program that would allow me to do this, but I can't find it. Any suggestions?

I thought for sure I was able to do this on a previous device (Dell Axim), but I don't have the device anymore and forgot how to do it. I'm afraid to hook up my POP3 account to the 6600 until I can figure a way to do this without the fear of losing some emails.

Hope this question/issue makes sense.

Thanks in advance.