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    More on running programmes from SD card

    I am about to buy an XDA but am not sure whether to go for the 64MB version or try to get hold of a cheaper 32MB one.

    I know that you can store most applications on the SD card, but that when the SD Card with the application on it is not in the machine, you cannot run that application (which rather makes sense!)

    My question is this: if an application is on a SD card, and you take the out, will you be able to open that application again once the card is reinserted? If so, is there any reason why I couldn't store an unlimited number of applications (and the files associated with them) on SD cards, provided that I remember to insert the right card before trying to use the application?

    Obviously this would be a slightly clumsy operation, and not something you'd want to do for programmes you use a lot, but for map programmes and game programmes etc, it might be a way to get a lot more out of the PPC.

    Does anyone know if this would work??
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    Yes you will be able to do all you have suggested - just think of the card the same as a hard disk.

    Go for the 64Mb one, I haven't looked back since upgrading mine. I found 32mb very restrictive after a while. You eventually install so much into the RAM that there is no space for PPC to run it's normal operations and you get into a cycle of rebooting the device every time you want to do anything. Having 64mb leaves enough space for a decent number of apps in main memory (they run faster and it is a non-changeable requirement for some apps) whilst still allowing PPC to 'breathe'.


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