Question from: BP-IsMe:

Just looking thru my phone settings and ran across it. I hesitate to turn on anymore notifications. Pretty soon the phone will be telling me to blow my nose!



Answer from: Marctronixx

this is kind of a network specific feature (such as caller id and 3 way calling).

if the network you are using supports voice privacy encryption, you will be notified by a tone once you connect.

this was on my old nokias back when i was on bellsouth mobility. they (bell mobility) didnt offfer vocie privacy but the nokias had the notification so even though they didnt have it i would stil get a tone which meant that is was not supported. (one tone meant it was supported, while another tone meant it was not).

i dont think sprint supports it.


Answer from: Falconier

Voice privacy is a second level encryption for your voice call on a CDMA based network. The base CDMA standard is allready encrypted and the only time you might want "voice privacy" is if you were roaming. CDMA breakes up your call into tiny segments and transmits it on whatever frequency is availible at that time so in order for someone to listen to you not only do they have to be able to jump frequencies instantly, and recieve the person on the other line on a compleatly diffrent frequency, they also have to seperate your call from another call that is on the same frequency happening at the same time, and then they have to crack the unique code given to every call. To Sprints knowledge this has only been done 1 time, it was done by Sprint to find out if it could be done, and it cost over $1,000,000 to do it (yes that is the correct amount of 0's). Of course if your a three letter government organization, i would imagin they could do it fairly easily.


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