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    Do SD Card Format Settings matter?

    A week or two ago there was a thread about how SD cards can "disappear" and someone advanced a theory that a possible cause or contributing factor was the cluster size chosen during a format operation. So, being curious I contacted Lexar support and ultimately (I have to say they had a wee bit of a problem adhering to their 2 day response time standard) hooked up with a support guy who ended up telling me that there are no native settings that the Lexar cards prefer and that cluster size should not impact this issue at all.

    A few weeks ago I had my SD card formatted with a 16 kb cluster size in the theory it would improve performance on the large files I have stored on it, and I was having problems with the card disappearing. I have since reformatted it to a 4 kb cluster size, and it hasn't disappeared even once since. So, while I would normally accept their answer, I just don't know.

    Does anyone else have a perspective on this?

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    You may have something. I use CNetx's Flash Format and it defaulted in the menu to 16kb sizes. Twice, I had corruptions on a card I was reasonably certain was good. Other times, it would disappear, requiring a soft reset. I noticed that the smallest cluster size (in the case of my 512MB card, it was 8k) had an asterisk next to it, indicating that was the default, not 16k. Since reformatting with that number, no corruptions, no disappears.

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