So let me tell the whole story so everyone understands what I'm trying to do...

I recently bought an eliptical that is ifit compatible (what the heck is ifit? click here to find out).

Rather than buy a portable DVD player specifically for the unit, I dusted off my 6600 that had been sitting in the bottom of a junk drawer. I want to store ifit workouts (both video and audio) on a folder on my desktop pc. I want to have the 6600 networked to this folder, with a shortcut to it on the today screen.

The 6600 will have an audio cable connected to the eliptical, so the workout files will control the eliptical. I will need some sort of audio adapter to turn the headset jack on the 6600 into a headphone jack...

I will just leave the 6600 mounted to the eliptical, so I (or my kids) can just get on, tap the shortcut, play a file, and go.

So, in short, I will need to know the best WiFi card, the best networking app (if there isn't a default one) and the best media player (also a good adapter to turn the headset jack to a headphone jack).

I haven't used this thing in almost 2 years, so I really can't remember hardly anything about it. I did hard reset it before I stopped using it though, so it's in a factory default state right now.

Any tips?