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    Possible Internet Connection without PC / Provider?


    I recently purchased a MOGUL , now the 6600 is not really being used. I was thinking of letting my parents use the device (they have no computer). I understand that they could sign up with sprint activate the phone, and get a data connection but that could end up costing them about $40/mo.

    I could get them a internet account with a local provider for less than half of that....

    Question: is there a standalone bluetooth device (or irda...no pc required) that could act as a dial up modem that would allow the 6600 to get on the internet?

    Thank you for your time
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    A SD WiFi adaptor for the phone and a wireless router for your connection would allow them access the internet connection like a laptop would.

    That would also give you access in case you visit them with your laptop :]

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