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    Excessive Freezing

    So i went to call someoen on my phone today after it had been charing all night, and it was froozen. No biggie happens sometimes.

    Well then it would always freeze on my password screen... well damn

    So I tried to do a hard reset figuring it was just a problem with software, or problems loading password screen for some reason. Now I have to go through the first setup, and it always freezes throughout that. It seems like it takes a set amount of time to freeze every time, because I can get to the same part every time if I do it hella fast, but if I try to just let it sit there and do its thing for a minute then try to do the set up, its already frozen.
    It probably takes about 20-30 seconds to start freezing at most.

    any suggestions on what to do please!!!!
    I have tried reseting it numerous numerous times.

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    This certainly doesn't sound promising. Has the device suffered any physical trauma lately?

    I'm wondering if the battery isn't at fault? How long have you had this particular battery? I recently got one of the Li-on (Mugen) 3550 mAh batteries, and my device seems a lot more stable now, at least in that it doesn't inexplicably crash at 65 or 70% anymore. I would say try a new battery, but failing that.. your 6600 might be dying/dead.


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    My XV6600 nearly died the other day when I accidentally broke off a battery contact. It kept hard resetting as soon as I touched the qwerty. Turns out All I had to do was let it run through the initial set up and wait, the two battery contacts at the bottm seem to be redundant. I have to be really careful with it now, but it still works and haven't had a problem since. I tried the I760 but returned it after I saw the XV6600 was stable.

    Have you tried doing all that while it's charging without being plugged into the computer?

    Have you vidually inspected the battery contacts? Careful not to mess with them, mine broke off and nearly turned my phone to a brick.

    Are the battery terminals dirty?

    Have you tried another battery?

    Sometimes you have to re-condition a battery by chargin it while the PDA is completely off and draining it as fast as you can until it dies a couple of times. If that doesn't help Gare_NY is right, you might have to look for a replacement.

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