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    Camera on XV6600

    Im new to PDA phones and I just purchased a Verizon Wireless XV6600 with the camera option, but I cant find the camera. I know that probably sounds stupid but if anyone can tell me where it is? There is like a cover over three holes on the back of the phone, is that where the camera is, and how do you remove it? Any help would be life saving! Thanks

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    i don think that version has a camera. if you dont see a lens on the back then there is no camera. verizon made two options, one with cam and (WOC) with out camera....

    where did you purchase this phone from? dont tell me fleabay...

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    I'm sorry, but it sounds like you got an XV6600WOC (With Out Camera). There were two models made - the one without was designed for workplaces where cameras are not allowed (this was not the official explanation - I think it's just a theory that was posited here, and seemed to make sense to everyone).

    You're not missing out on much. I've had a WOC for many years (still use it actively), and only recently picked up a backup device, the model with a camera. The cam is good for outdoor shots in the daytime (or video), but that's about it. Night pictures or anything requiring the meager flash are abbysmal.

    I understand that you can actually get a small camera that fits in the SD card slot. I've never used one, but I know they're out there.

    Finally - if you're going to start a new Verizon contract for this phone, see this thread: Prepaid plans? - instead of getting locked into a 1 or 2 year contract, and paying $80 a month, you can go through prepay instead. No contract, and about $30 less per month. I've been utilizing this method for a year now, and it works great.

    Good luck!

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